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Spanish Proficiency Exercises

Videos to practice for Spanish proficiency exams which are divided into six proficiency levels and include videos with native speakers from various countries.

: Play the video and have the students guess the question that was answered.

Interpersonal : Students select one of the questions from the site and survey the class, collecting different oral responses to that question.

Presentational : Students could take their results of the interpersonal class survey above and write an essay comparing and contrasting their own opinion with those of their classmates.


Phonetics Website

A video and animated guide to phonetics in English, German and Spanish.


: Students will watch the videos about Spanish vowels. They will form groups based on the five Spanish vowels. Keeping their eyes closed, they will make their vowel sound and try to find their group.

Interpersonal : Students are in groups of two. The teacher would draw a phoneme from a hat or pick from a list. The students would then go back and forth coming up with words that contain the given phoneme until one is “stumped”. The other player would then receive a point. It would be left up to the teacher's discretion whether to assign a time limit or wait for a lull in student participation before moving on to the next phoneme.

Presentational : Students will be assigned a phoneme. They will need to find both practice words as well as a tongue twister in Spanish that emphasizes and practices their sound. They will present the list of words along with the tongue twister.





BBC Bitesize

This website is another gem from BBC.  The site offers listening, reading, speaking and writing practice. There are two levels of each: foundation and higher. The listening sections also have videos to watch. All are followed by comprehension questions and provide great practice for students in each of these areas.

Based on the videos found under "Listening: Foundation"

Interpretive : Students watch the videos and answer questions provided.  Students could also take notes while watching and answer questions afterward, making it more challenging.

Interpersonal : After watching the video on a given topic, students must come up with five additional questions related to that topic that were not asked.  They would then "interview" five classmates in a similar style as the video.

Presentational : Students make their own video as the interviewer from the Bitesize videos, giving a “news report”.  Their video would be a concise summary of the information given in the video.



Lingus TV

Lingus TV provides videos made for students divided by
proficiency levels of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Videos feature the same characters in every day situations
and often include humorous miscommunications and behavior.

  Using the video "El mando de la tele"

: Students examine the use of "exclamativos" in the video.
They could also receive a list of possible solutions to the problem of the remote not working and they check off the ones they have heard.

Interpersonal : Students are given a solution to a problem and they have to figure out the problem with a partner.

Presentational : Students will be assigned a group. Each group will be given two Qué expressions: qué extrano, qué raro, qué cursi; and groups will need to come up with a skit incorporating those expressions and presenting a problem.