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Brain Pop

This site provides animated content-based videos. Content areas include: science, math, health, social studies, art & music, technology. Several videos are free in each category. Others require subscription. Printable worksheets as well as online quizzes are provided for each video.

Interpretive: Printable worksheets are available on the website with interpretive activities

Interpersonal: Students do an activity like “20 questions” with the class playing the role of a historical figure.

Presentational: Create a glog/interactive poster with a site such as: about a Spanish-speaking historical figure.



Web Spanish Videos blog/

This site provides several videos featuring short interviews and interactions with native Spanish speakers, mostly in Lima, Perú. Videos are intentionally spontaneous and practical to help students see "real life" and real social interactions in a Spanish-speaking country.

Activities based on the video "Instrumentos musicales peruanos"

Students view pictures of the instruments and label them while viewing. Then the teacher would play the second half of video which shows the words so they can check their own spelling. Then, afterward they group the instruments according to pitch, material or how it's played (with mouth, hands, etc)

Interpersonal: Students then watch the video one more time and fill out a chart to rank the instruments (according to their opinion). Then, individually they need to decide on three of the instruments they would want to use in their own Peruvian band. Then, students pair up and decide on four instruments they would have, while negotiating with their partner on which instruments are most interesting, best sounding, etc.

Presentational: Students create a CD cover for their quartet they have previously created. They must include biography information on group members, instruments and names of songs.




Ciudad Cúbica Interactive Panoramic Photos

Interactive, 360° panoramic photos/videos of different things around Colombia. Topics of the videos include: Cartagena de India, Fiesta del libro, matrimonio, casa campestre, hotel, marquetería, galería de arte, misa, naturaleza. These photographic videos have great potential to get students talking!

Interpretive: Students view one of the "casa campestre" videos and answer questions about what they see, assumptions they could make about someone who lives there and what they remember.

Interpersonal: One student assumes the role of a real estate agent and one is the buyer. The real estate agent must narrate and "sell" the house shown in one of the two "casa campestre" videos as he/she views it. Students can then switch roles and repeat this activity using the other house video.

Presentational: Students must take a few photographs of their own house or a friend/relative's house and present these images to the class, describing the highlights of their house.


This site has a variety of wonderful resources for both students and teachers. There are movie trailers, short news segments, and commercials. Each video has a corresponding activity that can be completed while viewing.

Interpretive: Interpretive activities available on this website.

Interpersonal: Each student is given a checklist of characteristics of commercials such as: informative, high-quality, concise, pushy, clear target audience, funny, rich in culture, etc. Students are assigned a commercial to watch and must check off the characteristics he/she feels are present. Students then must find their small group (2-3 other students who watched the same video) and discuss in Spanish which characteristics they thought were present in the commercial.

Presentational: Students view one of the commercials and need to create a written ad that could be found in a magazine for the product shown in the commercial. They will then present the written ad to the class and show the commercial for that product.