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Spanish Grammar in Context

A program through the University of Texas at Austin created contextualized videos to provide authentic examples of several grammar concepts.

Interpretive: Students complete a cloze activity with missing grammar and have to answer questions about why the grammar has been used in this way.

Interpersonal: After viewing the videos on reflexive pronouns, students receive a slip of paper that says "levantarse" or "levantar". They need to create a quick dialogue on the spot that includes examples of both the reflexive use of the verb and the non-reflexive use of the verb.

Presentational: Students create their own contextualized video similar to the ones seen on this site.




Annenberg Media

Teachers may access pre-taped beginning language programs such as “Destinos”. Registration is required however is free and non-intrusive.

Interpretive: Students can watch videos such as “Destinos” and outline main events or create a storyboard of events.

Interpersonal : Students can decide who their favorite character is and form groups based on this and discuss why their character is the best.

Presentational : Students could create a scrapbook or photo album from an online picture site. They could write captions with appropriate details from the series.