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Hitchcock-Cine con clase

With free registration, this site offers recent and popular Spanish movie clips and numerous ready-made activities.



This site has movie trailers in Spanish along with brief descriptions of movies.  This site also provides information as to which theaters around Spain are playing the movie.

Interpretive: Students watch two to three movie trailers, answer questions about them and compare them based on several categories such as: genre, characters shown, etc.

Interpersonal: Students are assigned to each watch two movie trailers. Afterward, they must pair up with a partner who has watched the same two. At random the teacher will give them one of the two movie trailers and they must spontaneously do a movie review in a similar style to “Ebert & Roeper”. They will give the movie a “voto positivo” or a “voto negativo”.

Presentational: Students could make a movie trailer of a biography about their life. They would include highlights of big events, a cast of characters and important details. Afterward, either that student or another student could write a critique of the movie based on the trailer.




Museo Virtual de Artes El País (MUVA)


Interactive visit to the Art Museum in Uruguay. Observe paintings up-close, read about the artist’s bio and build your own personal collection of art work.

Interpretive: Students could answer either specific questions about artists or paintings or could answer more open-ended questions about paintings and artists that allow them to express their own opinions. This could either be in a written or an oral format.

Interpersonal: After students have compiled their own personal collection, they will defend their selections to a classmate and convince him/her of the value of each work.

Presentational:Students are assigned to a specific artist from the museum and they must come to class and discuss their techniques, the topics they prefer to paint and explain why a gallery owner should purchase their works. During the presentation, they will be able to use the website to show the room where the artwork is displayed and/or specific works. More beginning students could select their favorite artist, create a work in that artist's style and explain why that person is their favorite.


Crea y aprende con Laura

  This segment of Laura's blog contains a wonderful list of movie clips and shorts with descriptions and links to watch them.