Sites with Videos



Videos focused on Proficiency

These videos help students improve their language skills and assess their own
language level.

Included in this section: Spanish Proficiency Exercises (University of Texas at
Austin), Phonetics website from University of Iowa, VideoEle, Lingus TV, and BBC



Videos focused on Fine Arts

In this section, students can gain access to film clips in Spanish and some famous works presented in a virtual art museum.

Included in this section: Cine con clase, Cinesa, and MUVA (Museo virtual de Artes El Pais)


Videos focused on Countries & Cultures

Videos that focus on different Spanish-speaking countries and cultures allow a
teacher to access native speakers from one particular country or to compare and
contrast different cultural perspectives from many countries. This section has
been divided into two categories: focusing on specific countries and cultures and
various countries and cultures.

Included in this section: Otavalo (Ecuador) Videos, Los desaparecidos (Argentina),
BBC Mi Vida Loca (Spain), Encounters with Spain, Learning & Teaching Scotland
(U.S.), Tuning in to Spanish (various), UT Cultural Interviews (Latin America), Flash
Earth (Various).



Videos focused on Language Practice

This section is one of the most diverse categories of videos. Students can practice their language skills by watching interactive videos and content-based videos.

Included in this section: Brain Pop, Web Spanish, Ciudad Cúbica.