Word of the Day & Expressions


Word of the Day


Spanish word of the day. Provides translation, etymology, meaning and examples of use.

E-mailed Word of the Day


Get a new word/expression e-mailed daily. Words are from all different countries and examples of use are provided.

Spanish Slang


BBC that includes slang. Warning: Site includes some sexual slang.


Spanish Expressions by CCDMD


Common expressions in French, Spanish and English.  Expressions can be searched by category or keyword and for each expression there is an English equivalent, a link to hear it pronounced and one contextual example of the expression.  Under the “actividades” link there are short cartoons providing a visual representation of each expression as well.

Interpretive: Students are given a list of phrases in one column and then are asked to guess the meaning in the next. After they have made a guess at each of the phrases, they go to the website and find out the actual meaning of the phrases. After completing these tasks, they draw a visual representation of one of the phrases or another phrase from the website.
Click here for developed activity

Interpersonal: Students will pick their three favorite phrases from a list and will justify why they like those three the most. They could also choose which three phrases would be used most frequently.

Presentational: Students will share and explain the drawing they made during the interpretive activity.


BBC Quick Fix in Spanish



An easy reference to learn Spanish and refine your skills, especially prior to traveling.