Graphic Organizers


RevEduplace Graphic Organizers in Spanish

This site offers more than 35 wonderful graphic organizers that are downloadable, printable, and in Spanish! They are easy to adapt to any text and are ready for immediate use in the classroom.


SEP Graphic Organizers in Spanish

The “Secretaria de educación pública” in Mexico created this site for teachers to have wonderful graphic organizers for their students. The site provides great explanations of the organizers along with rationale for using graphic organizers in the classroom. The graphic organizers are divided into several categories to make them more accessible to the teacher.

Free-form Graphic Organizers

Create free-form graphic organizers online. You can drag your ideas around in the organizer to arrange any layout and relationship that you want. You can use circle or box (rectangle) shapes to appear on your chart. Each layer on the chart will have a different color border for the shapes that you choose.