Student References

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Best Dictionary Sites

This site provides concise definitions, including compound forms of the word, synonyms, conjugator, word used in context and images.  There are also forums that can provide a lot of “harder to find” definitions.


Dictionary with Uses in Different Countries

Helping all Spanish-speakers understand each other. The site offers words that are interpreted differently by Spanish-speaking countries and gives each countries definition or interpretation.


This site is a wonderful resource to practice grammar.

Grammar, Pronunciation, Vocabulary

This site offers free practice with Spanish pronunciation (these exercises are especially good), grammar and vocabulary. 

Word play

Basic vocabulary practice with Spanish and English accompanied by images. Review of all of the words to begin with, followed by a matching game selecting the correct answer from three options.

La casa rojas

An Online Spanish Language Program where Spanish is presented in real, live, context so that you can see it, hear it, and experience it in action.

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