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  Using this site, students or teacher can create a character or speaking avatar. Users can choose the character's style, appearance, and clothing, Students can record their own voice to make their avatar speak. Voice can be recorded via cell phone, the computer's microphone, or a saved audio file can be uploaded. Text to voice is also an option.


Interpretive: As a creative way to get students to listen, teacher creates a blabberize image and students need to answer questions about what they have heard.

Interpersonal: In pairs, students are given the task to craft their Voki avatar after a cultural icon. For example, they are asked to create Frida Kahlo, Salvador Dali, Ricky Martin, or Don Quixote. In Voki, students have to negotiate hair, face features, clothes, and background to finish the Voki. The students can then spontaneously record a 30 second audio clip introducing their character. As an extension, other groups can guess who the character is based on the physical appearance and the voiced introduction.

Presentational: Students write a story narrated by an avatar they create. They then record themselves reading the story and present it to the class. This could also be used as a way for students to introduce themselves at the beginning of the year.

See example below!