Student Project Sites:__




Prezi Presentation Maker

This site is a tool to make more dynamic presentations by modifying images in new ways and allowing for collaboration among other presenters.

Interpretive: Teacher creates a Prezi about any cultural topic and students will complete a teacher-created checklist, true/false quiz or create a timeline of hte Prezi "stops".

Interpersonal: Teacher creates a Prezi using multiple images from a story that will be read. In small groups, students must discuss their predictions for the story based on these images.

Students create a Prezi to introduce themselves, their characteristics, their likes & dislikes to their classmates.




Timetoast Timelines

This site provides an interactive and fun way to make timelines in which students can use their own text and images.


Interpretive : Students look through a historical timeline (such as the Mexican Revolution) and pick three important events to view and to write a three sentence summary of what happened. Also, students could read a story and create a timeline to show understanding of events in the story.

Interpersonal : View a classmate's timeline and ask one question for each event to have that person explain further the events they have placed on the timeline.

Presentational : Create a Timetoast timeline related to your life or the life of a famous hispanic dictator.