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Make Beliefs Comix Comic Strip Creator

A school-appropriate comic strip creator in which students can choose from 15 different characters, add text and print their comic strip creation.

: Teacher could create a comic strip to establish classroom norms.

Interpersonal : Teacher could create several different comic strips leaving the dialogue bubbles empty. Student would pick a comic strip out of a hat and would have to spontaneously create the dialogue between the different characters.

Presentational : Students would relay the meaning of a proverb, a famous quote or the main theme of a story, scene or poem through the cartoon.


Read Write Think Comic Creator

Allows students to create 1-6 panel comics using previously made backgrounds and characters but creating their own text.


Interpretive: Teacher creates a comic with three scenes, having filled in dialogue for the first two scenes but leaving the last one blank. The students must then fill in the dialogue for the third scene.

Interpersonal: Teacher would create several different short comics, cut them apart and have students find their comic strip characters and put themselves in order based on the text.

Teacher prints out a blank comic with the characters but no dialogue.
Students then have to complete one scene, pass to another group to write a second scene and reconvene in the end to see what became of their story.





Students can create an animated cartoon after selecting characters, backgrounds, movements, props and can import their own voice into the cartoon.


Interpretive: Teacher creates an animation and plays the sound with no visual. Students draw three scenes depicting what they think the animation might look like. Teacher then reveals the animation and students can compare their drawing to the real thing.

Teacher creates an animation either with no sound or with mute on while playing. Students watch the animation through two times. The second time they need to spontaneously narrate the dialogue to accompany this animation.

Students write a dialogue or narration and create an animation to go with it, uploading their own voices into the dialogue.