"Así como hay un arte de bien hablar, existe un

arte de bien escuchar. "

-Epicteto de Frigia



Spanish Listening

  This site provides short videos to improve students' listening comprehension that can be searched by level or by topic. Students can take a vocabulary or video content quiz on the site as well.

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Audio Tours in Spanish



This site provides a map to click on with different podcasts about every country. Podcasts are informational, historical and wonderfully done.

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"Nada es fácil ni tan útil como escuchar mucho."

-Juan Luis Vives




Audio Lingua


Offers hundreds of short podcasts in Spanish. Podcasts can be searched by keyword/topic or by one of six proficiency levels.

Interpretive : Have students choose a topic, search podcasts based on that topic and listen to 3 different ones. For example, students could choose "transporte" and would find about 15 podcasts related to that. Afterward, students could answer some basic compare and contrast questions about the three and some open-ended questions relating the experiences of the speaker to their own.

Interpersonal : Students go to a given topic (either designated by the teacher or chosen by them) and listen to one podcast on that topic. As they listen, they write interview questions that person could have been asked to generate their response. They then need to ask their interview questions to a classmate and see how their classmate's responses compare to that of the speaker of the podcast.

: For 5 different podcasts, students take the 1-2 sentence summary shown just above each podcast and add 1-2 sentences more that would enhance the podcast's description.



Radio Ambulante


This radio program provides many interesting Latin American news stories. Some topics are geared toward a more mature audience. Podcasts are between 15 and 30 minutes and do include a few spoken ads. Several have a transcript available as well.


Using the podcast called "El superhéroe"

Interpretive : After listening to Menganno's description of himself, students must draw his super heroe costume.

Interpersonal : Instead of fighting crime, Menganno does good deeds around town. Students can listen to the things he does and then fill in a "find someone who..." activity to compare good deeds they and their classmates have done to help out others in their community.

Presentational : Students create a game called "¿Qué harías tú?" similar to the game "Scruples". For example, "You just witness an accident on the street but you are late to meet a friend. What would you do?" They then ask their questions in a small group and choose their favorite 3 questions to ask the whole class.