Palabra virtual

This site provides a collection of poems read by native speakers (many read by the author) along with the lyrics. Poems can be searched by poet's name, title, country or century.


Interpretive: Students create a visual interpretation of the poem (could be one picture or more).

Interpersonal: Students fill out an info gap activity with stanzas from the poems.

Presentational: In small groups, students write an ode to a common everyday object similar to Neruda’s odes. They would then present the ode to the class using props, realia and/or other visuals.




Dos autores Short Stories

This site provides a wide variety of brief stories by two different authors (Luis de la Fuente & Alberto Garijo) with differing styles.

Interpretive: Students choose a story to read.  With a partner, they each create an individual glossary defining words they don't know.  They then compare their glossary with their partner's before reading the story.  Students could also create a story map (like the one found at:
) outlining the main characters, main events, problem and solution.

Interpersonal: Students are provided with thirty different writing frames such as "It was really interesting when ________did_______because______". The writing frames are divided into ten from the beginning of the text, ten from the middle, and ten from the end. Students must select three writing frames from each section to comment on the text. As a check, students can share their completed frames in groups.

Presentational: Students form a group of three and must summarize one of the stories in six concise sentences in their own words.  They will then create six illustrations to go along with their sentences and present them to the class.