About us

Trisha, Anne & Pamela are long-time friends who met at Concordia Language Villages. Since then they

have presented at WAFLT (Wisconsin Association for Language Teachers) Annual Conference, Winter

Conference and Central States Conference many times beginning in 2006. The Punto com presentations

were originally created to allow teachers easier access to some of the great resources on the Internet.

Using their collective Spanish teaching expertise, this Punto com group has created great standards-

based activities to accompany these sites. This website is designed to help our fellow Spanish teachers

find and use materials which connect the Spanish-speaking world to our classroom, help incorporate

technology and make using the Internet just plain fun!


Pamela Larson (left) is a Spanish teacher at North High School in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  She is entering her 19th year of teaching
and is currently teaching Spanish II, III, and V.  Pamela says, "My Punto com colleagues feed my desire to grow as a public school educator and Punto com drives the communicative activities in my classes."
Anne Hlas (middle) is Associate Professor of Spanish and Foreign Language Education at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. Anne's areas of scholarly and teaching interest include high-leverage teaching practices, teacher development, and technology and second language acquisition. She has been a member of the punto.com team for seven years and loves discovering new uses for the internet within the world language classroom.
Trisha Koch (right) is a Spanish teacher at Middleton High School, located in Middleton, WI. She just entered her 15th year there and currently teaches Spanish III and V. She has always been interested in incorporating the Internet in the classroom and loves working with her Punto com colleagues.