Mi mundo en palabras


Interactive website for 7 - 9 year olds to learn Spanish vocabulary at the beginning of their study of Spanish. It is a branch of the Centro Virtual Cervantes.


Using "Fiesta de disfraces--El mundo de Carlos--Yo hago una tarta"

Interpretive: The teacher creates yarn boards on heavy duty paper with a piece of yarn attached to each vocabulary word. Students match vocabulary seen in an episode by connecting the yarn through the hole on the other side that represents the correct match. The best variation is creating sets of boards with different pictures or order of words so that students can switch boards, repeat the activity, and practice again with a new change.

Interpersonal: the teacher creates an Action series based on one of the episodes. In this series, all verbs are the same tense and are action verbs. Students repeat first through pantomime and later by repeating the statements and pantomime. For example, using Yo hago una tarta . The series may be: Estamos aburridos => Hacemos una fiesta de disfraces => Preparo la tarta de chocolate => Llevo palomitas => Llevo helados => Preparo sándwiches => Vamos a la fiesta => ¡Sí!

Presentational: Students create a word picture that represents one of the words seen or learned in the video episode. For example, the draw the word globo in the shape of a balloon.

Using "En el parque--El mundo de Carlos--Yo tengo una cometa"

Interpretive: Students must unscramble the names of the various toys and answer questions about those words and their favorite toy.

Interpersonal: Students will walk around the class, asking their classmates questions about whether or not they have certain toys and what color those toys are.

Students must bring in their own toy to class and say two sentences about it in Spanish.




Storyplace Library



This site provides books, activities, and helpful lists.


Based on the story “La mascota perfecta”

Interpretive: Students listen to the story and need to match the picture of the animal with the adjectives that describe them.

Interpersonal: The same cards are distributed and students need to find the adjective that describes their animal or the animal that goes with their adjective. They then need to report out to the teacher and put the two words together “conejo miedoso”. The teacher could also write an original TPR story or Guion series where students are encouraged to act it out.

Presentational: Students need to draw or find a picture of their ideal pet and write both the Spanish word and an adjective that describes it. They could also create a book all about a pet modeled after the books created on: http://www.makingbooks.com/whoami.shtml






This site has games, printable worksheets with puzzles, stories read within videos, craft ideas, a detective game where students pick up clues to solve a mystery and several other videos to help students practice Spanish skills.


Using "El bocadillo más bueno del mundo"

Interpretive: With any of the stories, students make a visual collage using images to show specific vocabulary from the story.

Interpersonal: Students read two or three of the books and then go around and find someone who: a) likes the sandwich book b) knows what "Venga ya" means c) can name a typical food on a sandwich

Students create the world's best sandwich with construction paper, felt, and other materials and label each food on the sandwich. The sandwiches are then presented to the class.