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This website offers free songs, videos, worksheets, and games to learn everyday themes like greetings, weather, clean-up, and numbers.


Try a vanishing cloze activity where the lyrics to the song are written on the board. The song is read aloud. Then one or two words are erased and the lyrics are read again. Continue until all of the words are erased and the song is memorized.

Interpersonal: Each song on the website is accompanied with lyrics and illustrations. Before class, the teacher prepares two different lyric sheets for an information gap. Sheet A has half of the pictures and lyrics and Sheet B has the other half. Students receive sheet A or sheet B. In pairs, they must work together to complete the entire song. They can read or sing the song to their partner.

Presentational: Students listen to two or three songs and study the lyrics and illustrations. Then, give a familiar tune (e.g. Old McDonald had a farm) the students are asked to create their own song related to the theme of the unit. After feedback and polishing, the songs are presented to the class.