Videos can help your classroom truly come alive. Our selection of video sites
help students gain access to native speakers. They are able to see and hear
many different accents, perspectives and cultures. Many of the videos we have chosen were either made for students or are at a slower pace so students can understand more easily. These sites provide an exciting and easy way for students to practice listening and interpretive skills.


Digital Audio

Digital audio recordings provide a clear, crisp sound. Students can listen to native speakers talk about their lives through interviews and other sound bites. Students can also listen to various sounds of the Spanish-speaking world which they can use to enhance their cultural understanding and draw comparisons.


News & Television

There's no better way to teach about the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world than to use current events. These news and television sites can help teachers achieve this. The news sites provide news at a slower pace and using language that is more accessible to students. The television sites allow teachers to stream live TV being broadcast in other countries or to watch TV shows in Spanish in the classroom.


Project Creators

This section includes sites that help teachers and students incorporate technology into the Spanish classroom. Sites and suggested projects are creative and appealing to students. Some student examples are included as well.


Digital Texts

These sites include literature resources, poetry, children's books as well as
magazine-type resources to use with students. Authentic written materials are
high interest and enjoyable for students to enhance their language learning.


FLES Sites

These sites are especially great for those teaching beginner level or elementary Spanish. Among the resources are content specific information, cartoons, games and songs to make teaching Spanish fun.


Teacher Resources

These sites serve as valuable resources to any Spanish teacher. The sites are
divided into several categories such as: general resources, graphic organizers,
word of the day or expressions, lesson planning aides, Images & Pictures and
Professional Development.


Student References

These sites will allow students to practice and will serve as great references for students looking to improve language skills on their own.